Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I feel sick. My head is doing the drum thing, my stomach is all queasy, and I'm severely tired.

But that's okay. It was totally worth what happened last night!
We went to the German-American Society, in downtown area, and the old guy said he'd lease the building to us for 325 dollars. I was rather shocked. I mean, this place has hard wood floors, and large, beautiful reception areas. Not to mention a bar.

Although we're having a dry wedding, Erich was still excited about the idea of a bar. Bless his heart. Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, my own personal mecca, and got wax filled goblets and some decorations for the pretty tables. And today, I bought the stuff to make the invitations. It's gonna be a lot of fun!

Erich and I are doing great-to be expected. I think my leeriness has gone down a couple degrees, I only go into tiny panics several times a day, and manage to quell 98% of them. Sometimes one squeezes out, but Erich and I both are seeing an improvement.

I've also started losing weight, since I started the anti-depressants. 3 pounds so far, but hopefully it keeps going down. Since I got on the depo shot, I gained 20 pounds, ugh. My goal is to keep doing the exercise and slim-fast meal for breakfast every morning. And every night....well....ahem....well I'll just say at night I get exercise.

I went to my old church last Sunday, which was interesting. It was like going to a family reunion. I was devastated to find that Dave Frasier died, just last month, of an extremely rare disease. He was only 50 years old, and left behind a wife, and 12 year old son. I was deeply shocked, and saddened. But he was a devout Christian, so hopefully, he found the rest his poor body needed.

I've decided to fall in love with Michael's, the greatest craft store of all's like the Costco for scrapbookers. *drool*

Oh, and I bought vellum paper. (Men, ask a woman. She will know if she ever thought of invitations....if you didn't know) I realised that I have grown more confident with buying stuff on the Internet. I'm still cautious, but I realise that a whole new world has opened up. I bought some of my scarp booking stuff, and my wedding shoes. I will say right now, I HATE high heels, and will NEVER wear them. I bought ballet slippers.

Lory, Erich's mom, was ecstatic when I called her last night to tell her the good news. And apparently she thinks we're on the same mind length because we both had the same idea for table decorations. HAH!

Well, Erich wants to get the "torture" of Michael's done. I have to pick up some stuff.

I love life. Weird, huh?

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