Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Greater Love Have I Ever Known

I've spent most of my evening at, which, I might say, is a sweet site. I get to look at all my favorite artists, find out what their up to, listen to songs I may not have heard from them before, and find other artists in similar tastes. I've expanded my knowledge base, if you well, of music. There's even a fun game where you listen to music clips and answer questions. After several minutes of playing, I was dubbed the highly anticipated title of "Music Junkie." That I am, people, that I am.

Erich and I are putting together the music list for the wedding, and I have to say this has been the most relaxing part of the wedding. I love listening to music, and it's a huge relief that Erich and I have similar tastes in music, because remembering my relationship with Steve, he was all techno and Japanese music. *cough* Not what I want at the wedding.

I realised that music is one of the major things that bring Erich and I together. We love showing each other music, testing each other's knowledge, or just hearing new tracks together, and discussing the little things. I enjoy debating music with him-it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

Linkin Park is on tour again-go figure that they will only tour in Japan and England. How generous of them. *psh*

Anywho, I just had Erich load my MP3 with tons of good new stuff. So I'm gonna listen to it in my room, alone, in the dark. My favorite way to listen to music.

Have a good one.


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musicrulestheworld said...

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