Sunday, November 18, 2007

Much has happened, and I've been so busy, I haven't really had time to say much about it.

The wedding.

My church invited me to have the wedding there free of charge. I took the offer.

The Pastor, Pastor Steve, said that he would marry us as long as we did premarital counseling with him. We had our first session last Wednesday. Erich and I took a vow of chastity, and Erich became a Christian. Large vats of emotion and under-stories, but because I'm pressed on time, I have to keep this post vaguely vague.

Seven weeks until the day of wedding, and we are feeling every minute of it. Erich and I are sleeping in seperate rooms, but it doesn't help much with the tension. The wedding seems rediculously far off.

I know we can make it-although right now, Erich seems to be slightly jumpy and grumpy-poor guy. But hey, he's the one who wanted to do it first. HIS Idea. I follow through with it because I love him, and because, we'll, kinda takes two for consenting sex. I heh, nevermind. I will not rape.

Other than that, kudos to Wendy for getting a boyfriend! About dang time woman!

I have been speaking with a lawyer in regards to custody, and he ain't happy with Steve and Sharon. Did you know you could go to jail for impersonating a legal official? Not just police officers or judges....lawyers as well. So if you tell people who have a large interest in your legal affair, such as the other party, that you have a lawyer and start rattling off all this stuff about a firm and holding up due processing with lies, you can go to jail.
While I don't want Steve in jail, if he IS lying, which I really think he is, at this point, then he can go to federal prison for up to 2 years.

Way to go, dill hole.

Some people are retarded.

I'm hungry, and shall eat.

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So whats new, why no blog for so long............ i love your blog its so great, i want to hear about thanksgiving...