Sunday, October 28, 2007

Greenbluff, WA

Yesterday, Erich and I went to Greenbluff. It's pretty much a slice of Americana. Country homes, Farmers markets, and little stands lined up everywhere. Trees were in abundance, changing every color, covering fields of pumpkins and corn stalks with a gentle blanket of golds and oranges, reds and browns.

It was a romantic day, we were extremely excited. We left early, I turned off my phone. We decided this was to be OUR day. A day for us-we'd given our entire week to work, to family, to friends. This was our one day to just be ourselves, to fall in love with the country, and to recall childhood memories.

I got a great apron that said "I love cooking with wine...sometimes I even put some in the food!" (Although I put more wine in food than in me. Promise) I got some homemade blackberry jam and apple butter. We also got some Spartan and Empire apples. I call the bag the Spartan Empire. "this is Spartaaaaaa!"
We also got some candy-I got a box full of homemade chocolate caramels. And they are delicious. My weight agrees. *sigh*

After we got done at Greenbluff, we went to have a sub sandwich (avacodo sandwich...o so good!) and then we went up to see my Grandma and Granpa Ballard!
We love my grandparents...something I have really appreciated, being as previous relationships never cared for meeting my family. Erich shows a genuine interest in my siblings, in my parents, and in my grandparents. Especially my grandparents. And my grandparents have really gotten attached to him.

We went over around 2:00, and stayed until 9:30ish. I couldn't believe it-we stayed up just talking about politics, and movies, and music, and relationships, and family. We talked about money, and the economy. My grandparents told the hilarious stories about family functions and their outcomes. And I felt like they were the best family I ever had. They like talking to me more than my own parents do. My own relatives. Anyone. It's nice.

It was great!

So that was my Day!

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